2014 #SMTULSA Conference Through Google Glass

2014 #SMTULSA Conference Through Google Glass

My client and I decided that purchasing Google Glass was a great way to explore the 2014 International CES. I have to say, it was.
I also wanted to know how Google Glass might be used as an event professional and speaker.

I decided to wear Google Glass during my welcome talk last week during the fourth annual SMTULSA Social Business Conference.  Here was my point of view. Made a little less shaky by uploading to Youtube and using the stabilizing feature.

A lot of people ask me what I think of Glass. I really like Glass. I probably don’t wear them as often as some of my fellow Glass Explorers. Maybe because of occupational preferences, I find them more useful in event settings. Contrary to some, the camera is not “always on.” Sure I can wink and take your picture, but I could also pretend to take a selfie and take your picture. Luckily, I’ve not found many people afraid of Google Glass. Most of the people I meet want to see what I’m seeing. I’m more than happy to let you try them If you see me out with them on.

See more of what I saw during the 2014 #smtulsa conference through Google Glass.

Have ChargeKey Will Travel

Have ChargeKey Will Travel

ChargeKey is a key-shaped smartphone cable that fits onto your keychain. It works like your normal cable for charging and syncing your phone – plug one end into a USB port and the other end into your mobile device.

I like the fact that I can connect it to a keychain, but I’ve mostly kept it connected to my lipstick charger in my purse.

At the very affordable price of $25.00 I can see many event and conference applications. Providing these to your attendees (There are iphone and micro USB versions) or simply having them around charging stations.

Google Glass for the Ultimate Site Visit

Google Glass for the Ultimate Site Visit

I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed wearing Google Glass during CES. The handful of people wearing them was surprising, but I bet all would agree that wearing them in that setting was fantastic. Of course CES is not everyday use, so how does an event professional take advantage of being a Google Glass Explorer.

One way that I’ve found great value is during site visits. I used them on a couple of site visits to prepare for the March Social Media Tulsa Conference.

Her is an example of the site visit I did at the Aloft Downtown Hotel in Tulsa, OK.

These are no where near the quality of a Google Business photo, but for sharing with suppliers, speakers, and team members it works great.

I think this just scratches the surface of how event professionals will use Google Glass. How do you see them being used for events?

VOXX Electronics and EyeSee360 Introduced Two 360º Lifestyle Video Cameras at #CES2014

VOXX Electronics and EyeSee360 Introduced Two 360º Lifestyle Video Cameras at #CES2014

Voxx International had some of my favorite technology on display during the 2014 International CES. While I spent a lot of time in the digital health space, I’m always on the lookout for tech that can enhance events and enhance the lives of event professionals.

The first thing that caught my eye. (Pun intended). Was the new Myris by Eyelock No more user names, no more passwords. Myris uses video of your irises to verify your identity. Since no two irises are alike, the chances of a false match are less than one in two trillion. This product can’t come out fast enough.

360 fly

The next thing that I thought would change the way we video tape and livestream events was the 360Fly and “360MicroFly.
these two products are compact, lightweight, 360º HD lifestyle products that will enable both consumers and professionals to capture and
share personal experiences in a never before seen narrative. The 360Fly is mountable on a variety of different sports equipment from helmets to surfboards to a tiny tripod for the center of a table. The “360MicroFly” is the world’s first 360 single optic lens attachment for Apple and select Android phones.

With unique perspectives and user-controlled points of interest, content generation becomes fun, interactive and seamless from capture to share. 360Fly provides consumers with a new way to document experiences that current industry standard
cameras simply can’t capture. Mount it, wear it, or simply place it and experience the future of video documentation.

micoro fly

Both cameras focus on capturing and sharing life’s moments allowing recipients to enjoy a unique personal and meaningful experience. The “Fly’s” field of view captures more than 4 times that of traditional cameras, with intuitive design and application interface; end users enjoy a seamlessly engaging experience. Ideal for on the go use,the 360Fly can fit in your pocket and be submerged in water up to 5 atmosphers. 360MicroFly is a smartphone lens attachment that puts a spin on traditional video offering users the ability to simultaneously record everything around them. 360MicroFly attaches to select smartphones to capture videos that are not only panoramic; they’re also interactive, creating engaging scenes, allowing viewers to control what they want to view. …and they are driven by an easy to use social network software app. User generated content can be shot, edited and shared using the 360fly iOS and Android app. Users can also share to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and other social media channels in standard video playback form.

The buzz from #CES2014 was all about wearable tech, but what I don’t think a lot of people understand is that most of the wearable devices are designed exclusively for recording video. This has got to be good news for event professionals who’s content can be shared with a wider audience, at an affordable price, and in 360º.

I’m hoping to be able to experience one or both of these devices during SMTULSA Conference in March. Stay tuned.

And finally, it was time to recharge. Thankfully the RCA Audio Video section had a great display of mobile charging devices in a very timely charging station. Another challenge to event professionals. As more and more attendees bring multiple devices to our events, we will need to find ways to keep the party going.

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