Stay Powered and Connected with GO PUCK

Phones get faster every year, but battery life doesn’t seem to get any better. If you need to keep your smartphone, tablet, or other USB powered device  going all day, you’ll need power in your pocket. Love it or hate it, we’re all connected to our mobile devices and no one is happy when their phones and devices die.

This is where GO PUCK comes in, developed by former racecar driver Blake Fuller. (The designer and inventor of lithium-ion batteries used in every Indy Race Car.) While travelling in 2009, he needed a device that could keep his iPhone on all day. And while developing the battery for the Indy Race Car, he realized that technology could be adapted to make a lightweight portable charger for mobile devices which could be wearable and provide sufficient capacity to charge your devices multiple times in a day.

Now, the GO PUCK has changed the portable charging game. The GO PUCK is the perfect size, it fits perfectly in my purse and my gym bag and is the best size for travelling. Most portable chargers that are around the same size have less power. GO PUCK comes in two models, the 3X and the 5X, both numbers representing the number of times it can charge a small mobile device.  In addition to  packing a lot of power, GO PUCK has all these amazing features:

• 75% faster than conventional charging devices, 2xs the speed of a wall outlet
• 2 AMP input & Dual “Rapid” Output: power or charge two devices simultaneously, including larger devices (IE Tablets and GoPros)
• Hands-Free Charging with exclusive Active Mount
• Currently available in 6600 or 4400 mAh

I didn’t get a chance to visit the GO PUCK booth at CES, but fortunately, I was able to get a demo to test out.

As you can see from my Tweets, I kind of love this thing. I have used the GO PUCK at meetings, at the gym, and a few weeks ago, at a meetup. The GO PUCK  kept my phone powered as I took photos and live streamed the speaker’s presentation. Now usually, being on periscope means my phone would’ve died soon after the broadcast, but since I had the GO PUCK with me, I didn’t have to worry.  

Look what’s keeping me powered at the gym, @gopuck! #GOPUCK review coming soon.

As event professionals, we know that people are coming to our events with multiple mobile devices in order to take notes, and post to their own social media accounts, the GO PUCK is the perfect solution to keeping them 100% connected.  The typical charging station is stationary and doesn’t allow our attendees to participate in and share the event on the go. Imagine if you handed out fully charged GO PUCKS to all of your attendees, speakers, or staff. You would be the hero!

Where can I get one you ask? GO PUCK is Sold at and (not an affiliate link). Stay charged my friends.


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