The latest in wireless communication from @Rollts #CES2016

CES unveiled, the (pre-show) official media event of CES 2016, featured more than 160 exhibiting companies. While I was scheduled to speak at the MPI Experiential Marketing event later that night, I couldn’t resist heading over to the Mandalay Bay to catch a bit of the Unveiled event. Probably due to the heightened security of this year’s conference, Unveiled was moved to a larger location. (Thankfully)

Almost as soon as I walked in, I ran into Sean from Rollts.  The Rollts team has developed  the world’s smallest and lightweight wearable Digital Walkie-Talkie and the Wireless Emergency Call System which features a maximized battery usage time by using diverse communications technology and low-power control design technology for battery efficiency. It was like I was wearing my event professional cape.

The Rollts Radio, with two models- the E1 and the S1 at a surprising 8.5mm and weighing only 16g and 33g, respectively. Boasts of a multi-party call system and a 2km and a 3km range. All while still having 1000 hours of standby time and 240 hours of talk time. The main difference between the two is that the S1 is the speaker version while the E1 is a earphone version.

Channels are easily controllable on the Rollts Radio. It could be multi-party, or a single person could be giving orders. Perfect for big events where detail and synchronization is key. It’s just as simple as talking on a cellphone, yet more diversified since the controllable channels offer more options for communication than traditional walkie-talkies.

Encryptable, 50 channels, and @ a 3-day battery life would certainly work for the events that I work on. No pricing information was available. Hopefully, they’ll read my post and keep us updated on where to buy and how much.



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