Don’t Fall for the “Google Glass Failed” Posts

Last year at CES, I spoke to two developers from Oakley.

They stopped me on the show floor to pick my brain about what I liked about Google Glass. It was a great conversation. We talked… Then caught up moments later to talk more. They mentioned that Oakley was a Google Glass authorized partner (or something like that).

Imagine the big old grin on my face as Intel CEO, Brian Krzanich brought out Ironman athlete, Craig Alexander to announce Oakley’s Radar Pace smart eyewear, featuring a real-time, voice-activated coaching system designed to improve and enhance athletes’ training and performance and the Typhoon H Drone, powered by Intel’s RealSense technology to avoid collisions in real time.

As I listened to Brian’s demo, I could see that Radar Pace sounded a lot like Glass. “Okay, Radar, what’s my workout plan today?” I mean… Hello!(Okay Glass)

While they didn’t mention Google Glass during the presentation, I knew what was going on.

Don’t believe the hype

Just like other things Google has introduced and then seemingly moves away from, we’re going to see Google Glass technology pop up in other forms and in other products from years to come. Those of us who were apart of the explorer program will just simply smile and say… “Okay Glass, I see you there.”


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