What is Social Media Tulsa [Milestones]

What is Social Media Tulsa [Milestones]

I’m seeing a lot of posts lately about story telling and how the art of story telling is a great content marketing tool.

I would argue that MARKETING is STORYTELLING.  I have always been a fan of developing a brand’s story and creating ways for people to share it.   Back in my Corporate America days, that would have been a brochure or a flyer.  Today, story telling can be done in multiple places and with minimal cost.

Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Ustream, Storify, Google+, Tumblr, Instagram, and blogging are all places on the social web to tell your story.  I’ve written before about the importance of photography for event story telling and most of these sites have made major shifts towards being more visual.

After spending some time with Facebook’s timeline, I realized that this was Facebook’s way of allowing brands to tell their story and share milestones with their community.   How does this help brands?  It puts the power of the brand message in the hands of the community and for some brands that community is hundreds of thousands of people who are now equipped with the information to go out and share the story with their friends and family.

I’m fortunate to have had Prweb as a tool to tell the story of Social Media Tulsa from day 1.  “It all began at Fat Guys Burger Bar in the Historic Greenwood District.”  I remember the moment we came up with that headline (we = me and my mom) and I remember feeling that’s it!  That is how the story of Social Media Tulsa began, and that statement will forever be how we will talk about #SMTulsa regardless of what it becomes.

The infographic below helps to tell the story of Social Media Tulsa in a very visual way, that can now be shared on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks to help YOU tell the story of #SMTulsa.   Click on the photo to be taken to the RSS feed of all of the online news releases that will take you through the journey as well.

The story of our event


So, what’s the story of your organization/event?  Where did you start?  What are some of your milestones? (large and small).

About Social Media Tulsa
Social Media Tulsa is the area’s most active social media group. #SMTulsa has rapidly become the place for thought leaders and newbies alike to share social media’s best practices and to go beyond the technology to create face to face connections. It all began with Social Media Day Tulsa 2010 at Fat Guys Burger Bar in the historic Greenwood district.  Social Media Tulsa holds monthly Meetups, Tweetups, and participates in several community projects.   To learn more about 2013 Social Media Tulsa Conference, visit http://SocialMediaTulsa.org


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