Bank Your Hormones [Infographic]

Bank Your Hormones [Infographic]

If there are two things that go well together, it’s pinterest and infographics.    At least from my experience.  My infographic,  How to use Twitter  had a bit of a resurgence once I pinned it to Pinterest.

My latest Prweb client press release taps into the popularity of Pinterest and focuses on the core audience of the new social networking phenomenon.  Women.    Using the same graphic designers, we created a graphical story of how female hormones change over time and how knowing your hormone levels while you’re  young will help  manage the changes that happen to all of us.

I knew we were on to something when I sent some of the text to my mother who’s response was. “I wish I’d had this information 20 years ago.”    So here it is.  I hope this infographic get’s shared as much as the Twitter one because this impacts all of our physical and emotional health.   You can click on the headline below to read the entire Prweb release….. and please Pin away!

MyMedLab Pins Pinterest with a Mother’s Day Women’s Hormone Infographic

To celebrate Mother’s Day, digital health pioneer, has created an infographic about the importance of knowing your personal hormone levels and encouraging mothers, daughters, and girlfriends to start banking those numbers today.  



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