How Conference Organizers can Use Google+

How Conference Organizers can Use Google+

In my previous post, Welcome to the Google Plus Party I promised to give my thoughts on Google+ for event professionals.

The official introduction was June 28, 2011.  I’ve spent the past few days immersed in Google+ creating circles, having conversations, and considering what role the site will play for my projects.   My first impressions are pretty positive, and I can clearly see the potential for Google+ for savvy event professionals.

The basic elements of Google + are:






As a conference organizer, It was easy to visualize using the Google+ to connect and communicate with attendees, sponsors, and speakers.  Here is an example of how I plan to use it for speaker selection for Social Media Tulsa Conference.

1. Create a circle of desired speakers (Speaker wish list)

How to use Google +


2. Once speakers/panelists are selected, create a new circle 

Speaker Panel Circle via Google+



3.  Create a hangout with speakers/panelists. (Pre-Conference)

How to use Google + hangout


4.  Huddle up on-site with  speakers

How Google + mobile

5.  Spark common interests, post-conference stories, and stay connected.

How to Spark in google +

This is just one example.  Replace speaker with sponsor, vendor, attendees, and you get the picture. (I like pictures)

The last time I was this excited about a Google product was Google Wave (R.I.P), so I am cautiously optimistic.

Continue to watch my Storify collection of the latest Google+ news.

Have more ideas on how to use Google+?  Feel free to comment below, and connect with me on Google+


  • Eric Lukazewski says:

    Nice post Cheryl. I hope someone takes this idea and runs with it. To me, it’s a more social and simpler version of Google Wave – which was a fantastic collaboration tool. There’s no reason, if used properly, that G+ can’t do the same thing – and more.

  • Anonymous says:

    Thanks Eric.  When I mentioned this on G+ over the weekend, Chris Brogran thought it could also work as a great way for speakers to audition for gigs.  I think the possibilities are endless.  R.I.P Google Wave :) 

  • Adrian Segar says:

    Good ideas Cheryl. Reading your post made me wish for the ability to have circles of circles, so we could create a single circle for the event and then drill down to sub-circles of the event communities you list. (Some people are never satisfied!)

  • Anonymous says:

    Thank Adrian, I think you can:  
    Protip: Copy one circle into another circle.
    1) Go to Circles.
    2) Click on a circle.
    3) Click “View circle in tab”. 
    4) On the top right click “More actions” -> “Select all”.
    Then you can drag everyone from one circle into another circle.

    Maybe a bit backwards.  You have to create the small circles first, then put them in one large circle.  The smaller circles remain in tact. 

  • Adrian Segar says:

    Thanks Cheryl. What I’d really like though is to have  distinct circles inside circles (visually). So I’d have one circle for the event, and in it I’d be able to see the sub-circles for speakers, attendees, organizers etc. Click on a sub-circle to drill down. That would be cool!

  • Anonymous says:

    That would be cool!  Post that in the feedback.  I will too. 

  • Fons Tuinstra says:

    Nice initiative. We (at the China Speakers Bureau) are still waiting for G+ to get their act together for corporate accounts. If you are interested in speakers _on_ China, you can include for the time being my personal account into the relevant circle.

  • Anonymous says:

    Hi Fons, thanks for the comment.  Honestly I’m quite enjoying the personal interactions on G+ and really don’t miss corporate accounts.  I’d much rather learn about the people involved.   I know it’s coming, but for now a girl can dream. :)  I have added you to my circles.  You can also connect with me on my Ren Ren page

  • Tal says:

    How come I can’t +1 this?  :)

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